Do you all provide rush delivery service…?

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Do you all provide rush delivery service…?

Yes, absolutely. We look forward to providing you with any rush deliveries that you desire. Rush delivery consists of items that are need to be delivered on a guaranteed date, anytime before the normal fourteen day deadline. Preferably next day order, two day order, or one week order, etc., are the ways in which we intend to price customers for the urgency of their order, because it will definitely be given an even more catered too approach to ensure that the product is done efficiently as any other order, but with additional tools and crew to speed up the process to meet the demand of the order, which will be worth any additional costs incurred. Also, normally most custom orders would all receive free delivery, but in such unique circumstances, you will incur additional rush delivery costs, to be determined by the desired shipping company only.

-One In Emilien


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