Do you all restore shoes…?

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Do you all restore shoes…?

We have restored shoes in the past, but most likely the response to someone will be a, NO. Overall the main reasons boil down to, “is it worth it…?” Depending upon the shoe that a customer seeks to be restored, the exact restorations that needs to be done upon the shoe, how much time it would realistically take to restore that shoe, and how much the shoe is actually worth, will give the customer a better understanding of why the response we have given is a, NO. It’s not about just making a sale, it’s about leaving both parties satisfied, and that’s a must that we ask those questions to the customer because it might be the first time they may have considered those questions, and we want them to see where we are coming from with our response. It might be cheaper to just rebuy the shoe, but on the other end of the spectrum, if it is still worth it to restore, or it has just that much sentimental value, and, it is realistically salvageable, then Yes, we would consider restoring that shoe for our customer as fast as possible.

-One In Emilien


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