Why do my item(s) have to be new to get them customized…?

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Why do my item(s) have to be new to get them customized…?

This mainly speaks for customers who have the desire to send in their product(s) for us to customize them, especially shoes. When we receive any items, we want to get started immediately upon delivery of your product(s). If we are unable to perform that duty, then it adds to the estimated time of production, and that could incur additional costs. An example would be that, if there are stains or tears, etc. on items, then we need to fix that before we move any further. We do understand that some products are “like new,” but please understand that from an artist’s perspective, if you can tell that something has been “worn” in any way, then it makes the outcome of my work look unacceptable to say the least. Especially on sneakers, such as scuffs, damage, or dirty laces, it’s easily very noticeable, and it draws a lot of the wrong attention. So please, if you feel like your items are still “like new” we do ask that they just look new when we see them so that we could get you your product back as great you expect them to be as fast as possible.

-One In Emilien


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