ONE Meaux: Basketball Memorabilia I

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These are more humble beginnings from me, since this is the first pair that I ever dressed crystals with. I’ve stepped up my quality in crystals dramatically since then as well since it’s all about growth. This is also my first pair that I have done that were meant to be trophies, which is exciting because they were meant to be seen and appreciated for many priceless years to come. I love taking on new challenges, as they always give me an extra boost of confidence, and in return I always throw in something extra – encouraging you when you’re to ORDER.

With all beginnings comes rookie mistakes as well, and for me as an artist some mistakes overshadow what should be the bigger picture at hand. The big picture is that I superseded the customer’s expectations, however, that also had me going back to the drawing board before I would officially begin displaying my work. First, I am always humbled that word of mouth has always traveled for me, but for this lane of my life, I was very picky in the projects that I would agree too because the vision as a whole was still in development. With that being said: it made me very specific in how I priced people, I gained knowledge on what sizes worked best, played with color schemes, shoe construction, timing, delivery, tools, concepts, did I mention pricing…? Let’s go back to pricing, because that played a major role in these shoes being very memorable for me.

The reason in which I broke these into three different articles is because I was taken through that many different stages. Overall, I know that I under priced the customer, but that came with trial and error, and now I make customers finalize everything before I begin, even if you tell me to – “Do my thing” “freestyle” – I still make that a part of your order form and as a customer, I make it clear that any major changes cost extra, because what I do know is that it takes me longer to undo things than to do them, and in the process it destroys the creativity. Please know that I live for customers to want what they want. I want you to direct me to enhance every detail that you believe you envisioned differently, however, just like in any shopping cart, the more you add, the more final costs adds up. I’m excited when my customers are overly excited, and we both end on the same page and when you become a repeat customer for another ORDER.

“Trusting  my  heART to consistently create ONE Meaux One in Emilien amazing masterpieces!” … -Designs by:  Kel Kel Emili #TheFemaleDiddy  #Artistic Brilliance #ONEinEmilien  …“ I Customized That Now Wear it Like You’re ONE in Emilien!”


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