ONE Meaux: Pearly Pink Passion Fruit

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When i see these finished masterpieces, i just want to take the time to acknowledge any and everyone who pushes me to levels, they have no idea how much they inspire me, and they have no idea how i will bring their ideas to life. This was my first time working with pearls, and although very hesitant, I’m now ready to create more pearly masterpieces. I will have to use another time to add in the other photos of what I was given to use as their inspiration, but I’m appreciative for the excitement that I witnessed upon delivery.

What I do know is that pearls are much, much, much harder to work with that crystals. Considering their weight, their various shapes, and various sizes, I had to first envision the layout before I began. From what I was given to preview, pearl designs seemed to be oddly placed without a method of repetitive cohesion, and for a mind like mines, it was harder to put something together that I believed my customer would approve of because I couldn’t make it make sense artistically. Regardless of the inspiration someone may show me, it’s up to me as a true artist to give the customer what they want concurrently making it obviously a unique Kel Kel Emili design – ORDER.

Also, I’m an advancing master with working with crystals, so depending on the size of the shoe, the artwork that is needed to be adorned upon the shoe, and the color(s) needed, I could give a roughly accurate estimate upon how much of what I need to accurately charge someone, but the pearls began a new challenge in itself that I’m already in the works of mastering – ORDER.

With starting off with some all white canvas and leather vans, i first had to decide if I was going to cover the Vans logo or not. Then, with only a limited amount of time, I originally would’ve did the colorway reversed – keeping the tongue and toebox the same – but since I’m great at what I do, I first decided upon a design, and got to work. I’m honestly more impressed with the toebox on these because I had to take a step back and give myself a hand clap because it looks neat AF. I’m so impressed with that WOW factor that I now want a pair just like that, and it looks so neat in fact that it looks as if I cut out and taped it in place or something. ORDER.

When it comes to the tongue of the shoe, I feel that 5 times out of 5 the tongue is neglected upon any shoe – but that’s just from my opinionated observation. With that being said, as an artist my mindset is to go that extra mile, and as an entrepreneur, my mindset is to make that customer feel that I undercharged them because overall, it’s my good name and the details that matter.  And when it comes to the details, again, pearls are another challenge so i might do one shoe at a time, I had to do the shoe in steps to lessen any errors in my process. It was more work, but that’s what greatness takes. So, if anyone wanted to sit and figure out my process, it would basically be that I didn’t want to have the unexplainable oblong pieces randomly placed – that’s not appealing to my eyes. My intentions are to get people to stare so I had to strategize with the sizes and my design to overall let them be placed in angles that increased gradually. These like any other could’ve went a lot of different ways but I would love to hear you input, with the biggest being to ORDER.

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