ONE Meaux: Seductive Stan Smiths You Might Get Bit

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In all honesty, this might be the first ONE in Emilien Kel Kelz Custom release to complete. I didn’t even imagine this as I was concocting this, and it felt like magic once I was finished. Also, I need to add that I kept hearing so much about Stan Smith Adidas, and I was not falling in love with the idea at allz since they resembled some old coaching school shoes to me. Terrible to say the least, however, had I known how comfortable they were I would have been their number one spokesperson from the beginning. Yes, I have fetish for the foot in general, and the way my feet are set up, I’m choosing my comfort more and more since I can always spice something up – including any boring shoes that you need to add to your ORDER.

These are indeed a unisex release, because the colors compliment each other, and they are really a wild concept, a dramatic look with an artistic twist, you should prepare to get bit. 😉 The shoes were entirely black, so even the silver highlighted Adidas accent on the sides of the shoes were added, and a major touch up of details that did for me. What did help was previous trial and error, because it helped me to know in which order to do each step to make sure that I wouldn’t mess up any work in the process, so it’s proof that the greatness has been progressing. The hardest part were actually those paint strokes, because my goodness, my goodness, what you may think is just randomly placed, and it might not matter, they are actually very calculated, because I’ve seen how terrible that may come out when you actually do it randomly.

For the last appreciation of trial and error on these were the knowing that Spikes are not to be added in the inside of your shoes because it can’t disrupt the way you walk and create potential hazards, including messing the shoes up on purpose. With that being said, the length of these spikes are what to me, makes them almost necessary to remain that size even for customers. The size of the spikes are what makes the shoes as attractive as they are to many – but you can have it any way you want as a ONE in Emilien customer for you custom ORDER.

No worries about the weight of the shoe, but about those airport trips, I would ONLY recommend them for your check ins so that you can sport them once you get to your next destination. The thought of even attempting to go through TSA with these on and making them on the plan is not something I see happening, and I wouldn’t want to witness what would actually happen. All of the colors actually work together, and they are still amazing today, a true testament to the progression and long lasting work that ONE in Emilien has leveled up too. ONE in Emilien has a goal to hold a mark as shoe industry leaders just watch, and when ready – ORDER.

“Trusting  my  heART to consistently create ONE Meaux One in Emilien amazing masterpieces!” … -Designs by:  Kel Kel Emili #TheFemaleDiddy  #Artistic Brilliance #ONEinEmilien  …“ I Customized That Now Wear it Like You’re ONE in Emilien!”


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