ONE Meaux: Spikes for Simple Siddity Sundays

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Since I was properly introduced to my city’s culture of New Orleans Secondline Sundays, I look forward to them. This happened to be a random cold day in New Orleans, so it gave me an excuse to try out some lightly designed all Black Timberland boots. Never had this color before, and rarely wore Timberlands, but these definitely sparked enough entrance to be ready to introduce more for the upcoming fall/winter 2017. This also happened to be my hardest project to date that has dealt with spikes, and to say it’s the least amount of spike I have ever adorned on a shoe, it actually took me the longest. It’s so necessary for me to say that things like this is the number one reason on why I had no wants to begin taking orders because I need to know what the process will entail for different types of styles of shoes and materials in order to fairly price a customer.

I literally have a hands on lesson in seeing how durable Timberlands are, because the thickness of the material put so much pressure on my fingers I had small bruises. All of that was definitely worth it as the unexpected is always expected all in an artist’s day of hard work. The concept started to become what would look like a new aged version of cowgirl / cowboy boots, but like the sheriff would have, like they always had extra things dressed on their boots as if they were always ready for some action.

Besides the tall slim spikes, the main type of spikes that I introduced on these were the round spiked starlets. Depending on the size, and then in the amount you want to buy them, the price of spikes could be great until you start looking at designs, then it raises your brows. Those round spike starlets are the most expensive set of spikes that I have ever bought, but the easiest to work with because they had extra little pieces I could grip, and individually position.  The spikes weren’t even in permanent and still held strong through that Sunday Secondline – technique, technique –  however, they were really dusty afterwards, and black Timberlands are hard to clean because you have to make sure that you keep the matte look. These came out to be one of the simplest, but most classic looks I had ever done. I eventually might add something extra, but I believe that they are kool the way they are, and I’m curious to see which way you would like your TImberlands designed for your ORDER.

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