ONE Meaux: Testing Spikes w/ G-Nikes – AF1

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My very first time working with spikes and I was determined to do it BiG!, and I only came out with four swollen fingers, so we did good! 😊 When I’m pulling the ideas out of my head, they don’t come with instructions on how I should execute the idea to fruition. These are now two years old, and they have still held up through numerous environments, because I was trying to wear them almost everyday to get my art in motion noticed.

When it comes to materials I never had experience with, I needed to see them in person so that these numbers iM reading could make sense. As far as picking the sizes, I had a variety, & iM glad that a lot of them were definitely never before seen on shoes for sure. They are definitely functioning footwear, it just had a little added weight like a boot. The other disclaimer I would need to add is to keep them away from bare feet, because they actually do hurt when being stepped on even by mistake – I know for a fact.

These low top faux gator leather G-Nikes (Air Force 1s) were all black when I started. With being in New Orleans, there is always a good spirit to have pride for New Orleans Saints ensembles of some sort just to represent that good ole’ Black & Gold. So of course I would make all the accents on the shoe stand out: the shoelace tips are gold, the added eyelets in every shoe outlet are gold, I turned the Nike Swoosh Gold, as well as the Nike Air Nameplate on the heel Gold, and the signature Air on the midsole Gold. There are other Black & Gold pairs produced that I haven’t uploaded yet, and there will definitely be other Black & Gold pairs to produce, including yours when you ORDER.

“Trusting my heART to consistently create ONE Meaux One in Emilien amazing masterpieces!” … -Designs by: Kel Kel Emili #TheFemaleDiddy #Artistic Brilliance #ONEinEmilien …“ I Customized That Now Wear it Like You’re ONE in Emilien!”


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