ONE Meaux: What the Crystal Kel Kelz!

These definitely represent a turning point in my definitely of advancing as a Designer, and expanding as an Artist. I’m excited to let my inspirations show, and to begin the introduction of my own releases. This is just a warm up example, but I will be creating more Kel Kel Emili Signature releases with a full size run separate from any other custom order ideas that customers will present to me. If these already spark your interest to place your custom order now then click ORDER.

I had previously placed a hold on orders of all kinds for a while – with limited exceptions – so that I could have a reasonable amount of time to not only develop my own techniques, but to actually make quality products that WiLL withstand the rigorous environments that our feet are placed in. Nothing hurts more than to have paid a premium price for a designed pair of shoes all to have them crumble in public as they are displayed on your feet. That level of embarrassment would not only be on my customer, but it would be on me as a brand, and that is not something that I wanted to endure because not only am I passionate about my good name, but I’m passionate about the enjoyment that I get to witness on my customer’s faces when they see that what they paid for is well worth the price. You too can experience this for any occasion, or even as a gift for someone later or now – ORDER.

Now, in detail about the shoe presented: Nike Air Force 1 (ONE meaux: “G-Nikes” – a Seaux Neauxla thing) Low Top Lunar. These can easily be passed by because they have a different surface but the different face values of G-Nikes is what we should be use too by now. What i feel like people are missing out from on these is that they really are seriously comfortable and lightweight, truly a walking shoe now. When it comes to my given name : “What The Crystal Kel Kelz?!” – is directly from the inspiration of the releases of What the Kobes, and What the Lebrons. If you own a pair personally, then you would know that each section of the shoe is constructed of various releases of different best selling versions of the shoe, and fused into one now exclusive release of that particular shoe, for different numbers as well. So now this marks the beginning of what is to come from my Kel Kelz collection of designed shoes to be released, and I’m looking forward to you enjoying each one, or you can send me on my way to create a pair exclusively for you – ORDER.

Also, with these I began to pay more attention to the placement of colors enhancing bouncing off from others, so there’s definitely inspiration from these. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve included: an infamous mustache, the hello kitty bow, the converse heart character, the twitter bird, a lighting bolt, and just random additions to fully adorn the shoe. Also, if you look closely, I have filled in the “AIR and the lining around the midsoles from just a plain white to half red, and half blue. My main idea was just to go off from the royal blue tongue, and this is the result. Soon to come are the before and after pictures, as well as video to fully engulf these amazing masterpieces of art in motion.

“Trusting  my  heART to consistently create ONE Meaux One in Emilien amazing masterpieces!” … -Designs by:  Kel Kel Emili #TheFemaleDiddy  #Artistic Brilliance #ONEinEmilien  …“ I Customized That Now Wear it Like You’re ONE in Emilien!”


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