Artistic Brilliance!

Hey Kel Kel! You hear that voice that you have…? USE it, & those dreams that you vividly see…? Pursue it!

I didn’t choose ART! My heART called me! I planted seeds of passion, watered w/ faith & my heART, are the results you see!

YES! I was bred to be artistic, & i keep true trust in my heART to make it realistic! I was directed to believe in my own vision, & be thankful because it’s God given!

My heART adores your desire to compare your works to MY!…level of expertise! Bet my quality of crasftswomanship is objective, & only the product…being…subjective! btw have you seen that ONE in Emilien masterpiece…? & you still want to compete…?

Wellz I hope that Keeping Up w/ Kel Kelz makes you feel GREAT, because success is reserved for the deserving, meaning – they’ll Crown me either way! Now I’m confident about copycats cause I know my shoes will never fit you, & not because they aren’t your size, but I’m custom created and your lifestyle was never made to fit into mines!

-Artistic Brilliance, Miss ONE in Emilien (Copyright 2018)


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