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FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

  1. Do you all restore shoes…?
  2. How long have you all been customizing…?
  3. Is the only work you’ve ever done all we see posted…?
  4. What kind of shoes can you all customize…?
  5. Are you all affiliated with any shoe companies…?
  6. Will you all do any more sneaker events in the near future….?
  7. Do you all only customize specific products…?
  8. What materials do you all like to use most of the time…?
  9. Do you all customize for all occasions…?
  10. Where are you all located…?
  11. Are you all hiring…?
  12. Do you all teach people how to customize…?
  13. Do you all welcome any custom work ideas besides shoes and apparel…?
  14. Is there a best time of day to order any products from you all…?
  15. Why does One In Emilien appear everywhere…?
  16. Can I buy anything that I see pictured from you all…?
  17. Can I buy anything that I see pictured from you all physical in a store…?
  18. Are my only choices for customization what I see posted already…?
  19. What if I want to order the exact design I see, but I want it in a different color or product…?
  20. Can I send in my own shoes and or jacket, etc. to be customized by you all…?
  21. Will you all turn away any orders…?
  22. Why do my item(s) have to be new to get them customized…?
  23. What do your custom item(s) normally cost…?
  24. Will my price be higher if I want another type of custom design not pictured…?
  25. How do you all determine prices posted and quotes given…?
  26. Do you all have a minimum order requirement for free shipping…?
  27. How much do I have to buy to receive a discount…?
  28. Do I have to pay for everything up front…?
  29. Can you all design and or freestyle me a one of one design…?
  30. Can we cancel any orders made…?
  31. What is the process after I place my order…?
  32. What if I need to add something to my order…?
  33. What if I need to swap something around with my order…?
  34. What if I need to take something off of my order…?
  35. What is the production turnaround time for custom orders…?
  36. Do you all provide rush delivery service…?
  37. Will my custom apparel arrive on time…?
  38. Can I see the process of my unfinished order…?
  39. Will I get to see my item(s) before they’re shipped to me…?
  40. Is it possible to get any item(s) gift wrapped…?
  41. If I’m local, can I bring the item(s) that I want customized…?
  42. If I’m local, can I pick up any item(s) that I’ve had customized…?
  43. Do you all provide double packaging when shipping item(s)…?
  44. Do you all offer any product warranties…?
  45. What if my item(s) get messed up in the midst of delivery – damaged or lost…?
  46. What if I have a problem with my order…?
  47. What is your return policy…?
  48. Can I wash my custom jacket…?
  49. Can I wash my custom shoes…?
  50. How long will my custom jacket and or shoes hold up…?
  51. Are you present on any social media platforms…?
  52. What if my question isn’t posted…?

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