N.i.K.E. (Now Introducing Kelli Emilien)

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One In Emilien – [A-Milli-YEN] – welcomes you to explore all the exciting things we have to offer.  Learn about the creator, Miss Kelli Monique Emilien, N.i.K.E., iCustomizedThat and O.N.E. Meaux. Overall, you will learn that: We trust out heART to consistently create One In Emilien meaux amazing masterpieces’. So if iCustomizedThat – You Better Wear it Like You’re One In Emilien.

With that being said, let me be a great host and give Miss Emilien a grand introduction. To the new, known, and unknown to N.i.K.E. (Now Introducing Kelli Emilien); Queen Kelzli Emili; #TheFemaleDiddy ; iAm B.A.M. (Always Beautiful And Motivating – Beyond Average Minds – Miss Ready to Succeed By Any Means); (A.B.) Artistic Brilliance; Miss One In Emilien. Born and raised in New Orleans, LA until Hurricane Katrina – relocated to San Diego, CA. An official southern valley girl, Miss Emilien graduated from Cathedral Catholic High School, and halfway through college, Miss Emilien transferred to Xavier University of New Orleans Louisiana. Miss Emilien earned a B.S. in Sales & Marketing with a minor in Business Administration – which complimented, not compensated for her entrepreneurial abilities.

Miss Emilien has always kept her ARTtrepreneurial passions alive, although she gave in to the backlash and succumbed to the practical safe side of life – finish college to get a “career job”. Through constant resistance, unhappiness, and overall unfulfillment, Miss Emilien still maintained her mustard seed of faith, as her ever growing ideas could no longer be contained – so she bossed up, and fought back, but this time it was less talk and more action to make it all happen. The support for Miss Emilien began to grow the more she presented her vision of ideas and events as vividly as he imagined them to be. So no, with the surprising encouragement from ALL of her family, Miss Emilien has finally decided to go all in, pushing her passion into a progressive platform.

There are artists that paint, draw, act, rap, sing, dance, etc., but Miss Emilien has a stronger focus on her creative compositions, and custom artful conceptions. “Still young, yet I feel like I’ve put in my overdue share of time in successfully contributing to things I didn’t want to do, to finally earn the right to unapologetically move forward on this forever journey with everything that I LOVE to do, and that’s bringing my heART to life – both visually and vocally through my writing and designing.” Still not expecting an easy journey, it’s still just the beginning for Miss Emilien as she presents her passion and purpose – an actualized blessing, and you have a front row invitation as she makes it all happen.

There’s still so much more left to say, but Miss Emilien would rather One In Emilien’s expanding portfolio to continue the story, so please stay tuned. ONE Meaux thing – THANK YOU! Thank You to all of our believers, our buddies, our champions, our supporters. The encouragement surfaces in many forms, and there’s never too much of it, as it all propels our appreciation and artistry. So please, keep in touch with us, show us off to everyone you know, and invite more individuals to witness the palette of creativity from iCustomizedThat – One In Emilien masterpieces.


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