Champs Need Customs Too!

These were for a fight for a fellow New Orleans boxer who actually won yet another fight to add to his stock. It was exciting to see his entire outfit come together, so by the time you read this hopefully I will have a picture up. I’m excited to do a quick one two on these boxing shoes. The thing to always be careful about is taking your time and taping off necessary areas of your item to prevent and leakage, because you wouldn’t want to set yourself back by adding on more work to correct the problem.

Overall, these were the classic white mesh with black checks, and it needed to be turned a forest green. It took a little time to make sure that the color set as dark as I needed it to be, so it took a few layers, and hours of drying time, but it was a good turnover. Besides my pictures I will be posting from the immediate trainer/boxing coach who is behind the fighter. He owns the New Orleans Boxing Club, and you can find out all of their information, buy their products, and become a member all in one spot.

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