Elephant Print Vans!

The Silver on the shoe is not overbearing at all, so it immediately gave me elephant print vibes, almost as similar to what us sneakerheads are all too familiar with seeing on retro Air Jordans. When I thought of the type of elephant, fancy designs came to mind, and that’s usually African elephants, or Indian elephants. It started off with a simple pattern around the VANS logo that I wanted to give off a tribal feel.

Then I kept trying to decide which type of elephant specifically i should draw upon the shoe. I couldn’t decide, so I picked four different ideas to adorn upon each side of the shoe. Most examples that I will have will be accustomed with a white mid sole because there’s nothing more than a plain bright color to make the entire shoe even brighter. Overall, a simple one two, less time consuming than completely covered with crystals, making this example one of the lowest priced designs from ONE in Emilien.

“Trusting my he.ART to consistently create ONE in Emilien amazing masterpieces!” … -Designs by: Kel Kel Emili #TheFemaleDiddy #Artistic Brilliance #oneinemilien …“ I Customized That Now Wear it Like You’re ONE in Emilien!”


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