Mardi Gras Paisley Custom Wood Bow Tie


The first of its kind, Be a Boss in our Bow Ties! Not as expensive as Gucci Mane, but just as eye popping for all to see. You can receive a bow tie identical to any that you see purchased, or you can have one custom made, a one of one entirely for yourself. Every customer has the option to even receive their name customized into the wooden box that is already included with the purchase of your bow tie. There is even an option to have a small person message in the inside of the box if you would like, especially if it’s a gift for someone, even as a groom’s gift, or even a prom date.

The design randomly chosen was a classic New Orleans, Mardi Gras paisley. There were six colors chosen for the tie, which can be individually seen and purchased from our STORE. The six chosen colors are: Inky Onyx 6ss, Fizzy Cream Cake AB 6ss, Intense Emerald Cake AB 6ss, Kel Kel’s Green 10ss, Semiprecious Topaz 6ss, Vivid Sandy Pound Cake AB 6ss, Violaceous 10ss. Someone can want this exact design with a different color scheme upon request, or even the same color scheme with a different design idea.

Moving forward, customers will have the option to change the color of the attached neck strap – when specifically requested. Stay close, because the actual video showing the process of this bow tie in production will be posted very soon.

-Hey Kel Kel (Artistic Brilliance)


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