Purple Paisley!

This project has many levels to it. Overall, it is my first dedication Prince – the artist formally known as the Sign! There will definitely be more of a collection to accompany this jacket, but it’s the first. Beginning as a light blue floral denim jacket. I didn’t know what to wear with that, so I decided to dye this jacket a deep purple. What i do know now about dying jackets is the process in which to set the dye in to keep it permanent, and to keep away the bleed affect.The other side of that is that I believe I have a different technique in order to make the dying process pass by more swiftly, keeping it effective.

Also, I as I drew Prince on the back of the shirt, I definitely would have used different materials, because it was pretty hard to see as I was actually applying the crystals. Which is why when people ask me different things about applying crystals, trust me, you want your work to look as impeccable as possible, so do everything you need to do to ensure you know what you’re designing. In my case, once I’m in the vibe I like to keep it moving without interruption, so I need to see every angle ahead of time.

As an artist, I just love to roll with the creative overlooked errors, but it just expands the creative appreciation. Originally, I wanted to see how the original Purple Rain font looked like, so when I googled it I started drawing out the first thing that I saw. It wasn’t until I actually made the words permanent that I realized I had actually spelled Purple Reign, which is the mixtape by the rapper Future. I just couldn’t believe what I had did, but it was way too late to fix it so I just kept it moving.

The best part for me was that nobody has ever said anything, and on my end, I would like to think that I’ve worked so hard to put in an enormous amount of detail into my work that that overshadows any and everything. I’m excited to not hide behind my errors, but to laugh about them artistically, and it gives me another reason to do more, so please stay tuned. ORDER NOW!

“Trusting my he.ART to consistently create ONE in Emilien amazing masterpieces!” … -Designs by: Kel Kel Emili #TheFemaleDiddy #Artistic Brilliance #oneinemilien …“ I Customized That Now Wear it Like You’re ONE in Emilien!”


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