Southern Snow Day!

I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a few pics in what was definitely snow in southern Louisiana. This snow was not only historical, but it shut down most of the southeastern region. Nobody would’ve predicted the outcome, and how many businesses, schools, and just to maneuver around your city wasn’t going to happen because there was too much black ice on the ground. So as soon as I the sun came up, I got dressed, and scooped these up to geaux outside and see what angels I could get from the small sections of snow that had fallen. 😉

The two style of custom baby UGGs that I had just finished were the perfect addition to bring a little excitement and preciousness to these pictures. They were so little, and to my surprise, no matter where I put them, they were just slipping and sliding all over I’m surprised I was actually able to get any amazing pictures since I was just freestyling this idea. I also didn’t expect it to be that cold, and how fast would fingers felt like they were about to fall off, but I was able to attain some good memories of a hard freeze in New Orleans. ;-). BUY NOW!

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