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A wait long overdue, but the beginning is here, and you should look forward to what’s to continue. Hey Kel Kel – iG @ArtisticBrilliance I’m learning that there’s many layers than expected into being an ARTrepreneur, and although i might want to get paid customizing, there’s far more to the journey ahead. Although tiring, it has been exciting to not only use plenty platforms to showcase my talents, but very interesting into realizing that a different audience exists within each platform.

Trusting the process, and letting my he.ART guide the way is presenting plenty opportunities, and iM buckled and ready for the ride. This is just an insight into what’s too come from my youtube page, & iCustomizedThat will be leading the way.

Most people are unaware of what it actually takes for me to successfully customize. What I once thought was boring, but personally fulfilling, has been valued as odd satisfying, and I was surprised that it ever would. iM just doing what I love, I didn’t think that anyone would care to peek into the hours iM putting in. So here we go, and I know that you’ll want more, and I will be working on bringing you just that.

The tools I use will soon be available for purchase, and releases will soon come as well. In the meantime, if you want to make a custom order of any kind, the please do: heykelkel@icustomizedthat.com

-Artistic Brilliance (Miss ONE in Emilien)


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