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It’s “NIKE”! N.i.K.E – Now Introducing Kelli Emilien [A-Milli-YEN]. (a.k.a. “Hey Kel Kel”, Kelzli Emili #TheFemaleDiddy). I believe in  bringing my he.ART to life, both visually and vocally through my writing and designing. As for 2018, my niche in designing has been working with crystals on items such as shoes, jackets, wood cuts, and more. As a writer, I have new things that I will be releasing beginning summer 2018, so please stay tuned. Both visually and vocally, I still do photography (only in house), because so much can be said artistically from the angle you’re capturing. If i had one word to describe myself and my vision: Artistic-Brilliance!

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Below I’ve included videos of me speaking passionately about our historical election that has recently passed in New Orleans. As an artist, I used my humor as i took my feelings and the facts, and blended it into these videos.
Hey Kel Kel: Take 1

Hey Kel Kel: Take 2

Hey Kel Kel: Take 3

Hey Kel Kel: Take 4

Weekly, I’m on Facebook Live w/ Downtown Lesli Brown of New Orleans Power 102.9, and Tyra Barabino of Barabino Productions. As an artist in this setting, I’m mostly customizing in the background. On purpose, I’m not saying much so that when people think of me, it’s only about customizing. However, besides customizing, I’m still interacting with the viewers through the comment section.
We Live Wednesdays: Take 1


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