Crystal Colors Size 2mm – 6ss


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Apothic Cinnamon (A deep dark red ruby hue); -Apohtic Cinnamon AB (A shimmering dark red hue); -Birdy Blue (A look in the sky bright blue); –Blue Oxazine (An Electrifying paradise ocean view blue); –Canary (A super intense Tweety bird yellow); –Candy Pox (After the rain, there are light reflecting rainbow hues); –Ceramic Ultramarine (An intense royal blue hue); –Chocolate (A blended bright tanned brown); -Crystalline (A true reflective crystal clear hue); –Crystalline AB (The truest shimmering A1 diamond premium imitation); -Ebony Ice (Almost a dark crystal clear grey diamond hue); –Fizzy Cream (A light tan creamy color); – Fizzy Cream Cake AB (An intense shimmering cream colored greenish blue hue); –Flamingo (A lighter transparent pink); -French Blue (A deep dark navy blue); –Indigo Cake (A dark shimmering turquoise blue hue); –Inky Onyx (A true deep black hue); Inky Onyx AB (A shimmering deep black hue); –Intense Emerald Cake (A light yellow green hue); -Intense Emerald Cake AB (An intensely shimmering yellow blue greenish hue); -Kel Kel’s Green (A forestry emerald green); –Marble Chaching (An intense money green hue); –New Pound Cake AB (An intense shimmering burnt orange reflective blue hue); –Peacock (A cool cloudy blue); -Peacock Cake AB (A mesmerizing shimmering green blue hue); –Pound Cake (A true bright brown); –Scarlet (A dark hot pink hue);Semiprecious Topaz (A light original beer brown); –Sweet Alfalfa (An intense true orange hue); –Vivid Cinnamon Cream (An intense true red hue); –Vivid Cinnamon Cream AB (A mesmerizing shimmering true red light orangery pink hue); –Vivid Flamingo AB (A mesmerizing shimmering rose gold light blue hue); –Vivid Periwinkle (A cool opaque purple); –Vivid Roseate (An intense rose gold hue); –Vivid Sandy Pound Cake AB (A mesmerizing pastel shimmering champagne brown dark green blue hue)

Size: 6ss – 2mm

Amount Available: 144 pieces, 288 pieces

*(larger sizes available by request only)

**(colors presented may appear different than actual color depending on the intensity of your screen)

***(colors do not come in tray as pictured but it does come in the small jar w/ the name of the color in the middle as pictured)


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2mm, 6ss


144 pieces, 288 pieces


Hot Fix Crystals*


Apothic Cinnamon, APothic Cinnamon AB, Birdy Blue, Blue Oxazine, Canary, Candy Pox, Ceramic Ultramarine, Chocolate, Crystalline, Crystalline AB, Ebony Ice, Fizzy Cream, Fizzy Cream Cake AB, Flamingo, French Blue, Indigo Cake, Inky Onyx, Inky Onyx AB, Intense Emerald Cake, Intense Emerald Cake AB, Kel Kel’s Green, Marble Chaching, New Pound Cake AB, Peacock, Peacock Cake AB, Pound Cake, Scarlet, Semiprecious Topaz, Sweet Alfalfa, Vivid Cinnamon Cream, Vivid Cinnamon Cream AB, Vivid Flamingo AB, Vivid Periwinkle, Vivid Roseate, Vivid Sandy Pound Cake AB


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