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Southern Snow Day!

I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a few pics in what was definitely snow in southern Louisiana. This snow was not only historical, but it shut down most of the southeastern region. Nobody would’ve predicted the outcome, and how many businesses, schools,…


Baby Fever: Starlight Burgundy

These are just the cutest little baby shoes I’ve laid my eyes on. 😉 I saw these and instantly fell in love, but I felt as though I could jazz them up with a little bit more artistic love! So soft, so precious, these…

Baby Fever: Winter Blue

Winter Blue Baby UGG Boots Crystals Polka Dot Style!

Baby Fever: Lemonade!

It makes the ideas endless when someone orders and tells me to do whatever, just make them look good! It makes me want to geaux above and beyond further than what I do already. It’s also my chance to try out some different ideas…


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