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#iCustomizedThat Official YouTube Page

  A wait long overdue, but the beginning is here, and you should look forward to what’s to continue. Hey Kel Kel – iG @ArtisticBrilliance I’m learning that there’s many layers than expected into being an ARTrepreneur, and although i might want to get…


Baby Fever: Pearly Whites

  Baby fever is a plus because the shoes are so little, they are so precious, and it gives us all another reason to pull our phones out and snap up the memories. These were really fun to, especially trying to add a hot…

Baby Fever: Silver

The name upon the shoe is “RHYAN,” an her initials adorned on the shoes as well are “RJD.” With the specific front chosen, I kept the same order on the top toe box of the shoes, and on the bottom of the shoe, the…


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